Long time lurker… reluctant first time poster

I am the definition of a lurker, barely ever generating content and when I do its rarely of substance more than a picture. But my social media feeds are flooded by subscriptions to professional outlets, researchers and others of interest (plus the obligatory connections who provide reprieve with pets and food). I only recently came to the realization that my social network subscriptions are my professional network data stream. The prominent researchers and organizations in healthcare informatics are all quick to announce their latest projects and publication. As a new researcher, getting their attention and having them post/comment about your work is almost more important than any journal impact factor.

This networked experience bypasses the traditional peer review process. But in reality the review process has just transformed. Instead of the mysterious “reviewer 3” who never likes anything we submit and always has required changes, the reviewers have to own their comments, and be prepared to defend themselves not only from the author but from others who share the authors views. With the pace of developments to healthcare informatics the networked approach speeds up dissemination, allowing all of the industry to work together to address healthcare issues and improve patient safety. It definitely is a benefit to the industry, but as a reticent participant in the social networking world, I wonder if it will reach a point where the focus shifts on maintaining a social media based persona more than the research itself.

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  1. Thanks for taking the plunge into posting! The transparency of peer review via social networks definitely has some pluses and minuses. But I’m hoping that reflecting on what we do and read in Grad 5114 this semester, and having the benefit of the interaction and feedback that come with that will afford some redemption for the discomfort of these initial posts. Thanks again for giving this a try.

  2. I too am curious about the line between networking as beneficial and advantageous and keeping up as you say “a social media persona”. For some reason, social media is very difficult for me to personally use, especially things like Facebook, instagram, etc. However, blogging seems to be less like maintaining a “social media persona” and more about ideas or fun writing. It sounds like in your field, however, that networking is very important…and perhaps something up and coming students in the field should be familiar with?

  3. Thanks for your post! It definitely has been interesting to see the dissemination of information through blogging/tweeting/etc. I am in an education field, so I think it is really important that information gets out to broad audiences and that doesn’t always happen when ideas remain in journals. It sounds like this type of information sharing can be really powerful in your field too! It is interesting to think about this type of information sharing in a variety of fields, and I am curious to hear what people in other fields think about this!

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